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Give Your People a Reason to Care

Leaders… if you don’t care, why should your people? I get that you’re jaded and worn out and too stuck in a rut to see clearly where you’re going any longer! But seriously…why would anyone follow you if you yourself don’t see a reason to do what you’re doing? “Just because” ceased to be a […]

Is It Better to Live in the Moment or Achieve Your Goals?

Living in the moment, taking time to smell the flowers, enjoying the simple things, not having any regrets when we breathe our last… these are all highly esteemed ideals in our society. They are portrayed in a significant number of mainstream movies as “the way life should be”, and if people express regrets at the […]

Top 10 Reasons Building Community Is Essential to Your Team

1. It meets a deep human need. Belonging is one of the most profound human needs, yet it is also one of the most forgotten needs in our society today. By intentionally building community in your team, you will be fulfilling a need that has been largely overlooked in other areas of people’s lives. 2. […]

Crises, Crossroads & New Beginnings

Have you ever found yourself at one of those crossroads in life where you feel like you’ve been walking in circles in the woods and you’re right back where you started… only you know this time you absolutely must take a different path? This blog ramble has been a long time coming, and it’s still […]

World’s Greatest Marketers

Okay, let me just say up front… I know this post is going to offend some people. I debated writing it for that reason, but the idea struck me as so humorous (or ironic) that I couldn’t resist. I was listening to a bit of a teleseminar the other day taught by one of the […]

Great Article on Getting Past Blogger’s Block

Ever know you need to write a new blog post but feel totally up against a wall? I don’t think there’s a writer (or blogger) on the face of the earth who hasn’t run into a block like this before. I read a fantastic article yesterday morning on 50 ways to get unstuck and come […]

Creativity “on demand”

Yesterday, I coached a client around the question of how to keep moving forward with marketing and product/service development when the spark simply isn’t there. Now for the most part, I think that what we create is far more brilliant when the spark of passion and creativity is present. Anything less, and it runs the […]

Unbridled Passion

I glanced at a blog article headline the other day that started with “unbridled passion”. Although I didn’t take the time to read the article (I’ve been following the Feelgoodz story elsewhere), the concept of unbridled passion grabbed me. Passion is the lifeblood of every successful entrepreneur. In fact, I’m pretty passionate about passion when […]

The Value of Fresh Perspectives

I had the opportunity yesterday to hang out with a group of people I wouldn’t normally spend time with. They are really great people; it’s just that our paths wouldn’t normally cross in a typical day. It was a really fascinating experience to observe a different slice of life than I’m used to. As I […]

Missed Opportunities

How often do we miss out on opportunities that could change everything for us simply because we’ve put on blinders to the world around us? I just read an article by a visionary author about his experience getting “talked over” while delivering his presentation at a networking mixer. Of course my first thought was “how […]