Give Your People a Reason to Care

Leaders… if you don’t care, why should your people? I get that you’re jaded and worn out and too stuck in a rut to see clearly where you’re going any longer! But seriously…why would anyone follow you if you yourself don’t see a reason to do what you’re doing?

“Just because” ceased to be a good enough reason many years ago. In fact, it probably hasn’t been a good enough reason since you were a curious youngster and good ole’ mom used that phrase one too many times.

If you really want your people to follow you, to care, to get engaged, to show some interest… start with why you’re doing what you’re doing. Reconnect with the passion you felt in the beginning and don’t be afraid to share it. If it’s a cause worth caring about, be wholehearted in your leadership. If not, end the misery for the whole team and let it go!

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