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Okay, let me just say up front… I know this post is going to offend some people. I debated writing it for that reason, but the idea struck me as so humorous (or ironic) that I couldn’t resist.

I was listening to a bit of a teleseminar the other day taught by one of the best recognized experts in selling from the stage. This person started explaining why it is in service to our audience to influence them to say “yes” using tactics like urgent timeframes to get the steal of the century… otherwise you’ll pay a heck of a lot more, if you’re able to get this program ever again at all!

For the record, although this same concept is taught by pretty much every single Internet marketer out there, I view it as manipulative marketing. Which I’m NOT okay with! I may not have a better solution yet, but I don’t think it’s ever okay to manipulate people into buying.

So, back to my story… as I listened to this person expound upon the necessity of manipulative marketing tactics, it suddenly struck me that Internet marketers aren’t so cutting-edge as they might believe themselves to be.

Religious evangelists are hands-down the best marketers and sales people in the world. And they’ve been doing it for centuries before Internet marketers!

If you’ve ever sat through a conversion spiel, you probably know what I’m talking about. Guilt, fear, time-driven urgency, peer pressure, even aspirational messages… They’ve perfected the science of manipulative sales and marketing. About the only ones they don’t implement are price-dropping or special promotions, but then again, I bet the old Catholic system of indulgences hit pretty close to the mark there too.

Okay, I’m done offending. This obversation is in no way a statement on my faith (or lack thereof, some of you may be thinking!). The irony just struck me so strongly the other day that I couldn’t resist blogging about it.

No matter what field we’re in, whether Internet marketers or religious evangelists, I’d like to see all of us work a lot more on genuinely inspiring people to join our cause and spend a whole lot less time attempting to manipulate them to buy.

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