The Value of Fresh Perspectives

I had the opportunity yesterday to hang out with a group of people I wouldn’t normally spend time with. They are really great people; it’s just that our paths wouldn’t normally cross in a typical day.

It was a really fascinating experience to observe a different slice of life than I’m used to. As I took a little time to step into the experiences and worldviews of these people, it struck me how valuable it can be to get out of our comfort zone once in a while and gain a fresh perspective.

– You might meet some new people who could become part of your tribe or just plain friends.

– You might gain new insights into other people, people who might need/want what you’re offering.

– You might gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

– You might see new opportunities to meet needs in the world using your unique gifts and experiences.

– You might discover new resources.

– You might learn something new.

– You might experience a deeper appreciation for your life.

– You might be touched with compassion, awe, love, or other pretty cool emotions.

Go out and try something new today. A new experience, hanging out with new people, even driving a different route to your next appointment. A fresh perspective is always a good and useful thing!

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