Missed Opportunities

How often do we miss out on opportunities that could change everything for us simply because we’ve put on blinders to the world around us?

I just read an article by a visionary author about his experience getting “talked over” while delivering his presentation at a networking mixer. Of course my first thought was “how rude can people be??” It’s pretty obvious the guy on the stage with the mic is speaking. Can’t they put their conversations on hold for a few minutes? Especially since I know this speaker had the potential to change their lives… literally!

But it gave me pause for a moment of self-reflection too. While I might not choose a path of such blatant rudeness and inconsideration, I wonder how many times I’ve missed out on the chance to engage with someone who had the potential to change everything for me.

I know I’ve been guilty of this many times, and it’s usually for one of two reasons.

– I’ve already prejudged this person as being unworthy of my time and attention for some reason or another.

– I’m so set on my path (i.e. I’m here to network/socialize) that I don’t even hear or see the true opportunity that’s right in front of me.

While this moment of self-awareness will fade from memory far too quickly, I’d like to set an intention to put aside prejudgments, take the blinders off, and stay tuned for the opportunities (whether in people or circumstances) that cross my path every single day. Opportunities that are perhaps even more valuable because they show up in ways, places, and forms I wasn’t expecting.

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